Flight of the Fabulous Inflated Fish-esque Entity…

JANUARY 20, 2009 by Clifton Hyde

Attack of the Whatzit...Guarding over the assembled pitch-producing-machine operators with an all-seeing eye, THE MIGHTY WHATZIT blanketed the assembled crew in stability, style, & inspiration. Longing to please this most hallowed of guardians, Stefan summoned the power of his passing wind and heralded its presence with soothing undulations & modulations of the largest of wave-forms inducing the exalted shrieks of Selengut-ery. My what a joyful noise!!!

Upon finding a small tear in the tapestry I made my entrance: Bold & with a bravado never seen from my presence in such assemblies…I had officially joined the ranks brassholes and looked upon the pitiful band of chordophones in both disgust & pity. Long had I toiled in the labyrinths of wire they call home; long had I desired to strike forth without the need of Edison’s power-delivery system; long had I desired to operate the self-propelled audio artillery; long-winded poetesses cowered in the wake of my long-tone.

THE MIGHTY WHATZIT hovered above in silence…
A page has turned and I can not un-see the new chapter.


-c l i f t o n